New Zealand Construction Market needs 51,000 workers

New Zealand has been troubled with a shortage of affordable housing, an increasing population and a lack of construction workers. While foreign investors might have contributed to the skyrocketing property prices, the size and skill of the construction workforce is always the key to actualize new development plans. Without adequate frontline construction worker, New Zealand’s construction would be put under great constraint. Due to the increasing need for new houses, new development plans and rebuild projects, the construction industry is said to lack 51,000  workers at present, with the number is expected to increase in the years ahead.


The lack of new recruits

MBIE Deputy Chief Executive of building, resources and markets, Chris Bunny said that the New Zealand Construction industry is far from digitized and is still relying heavily on printed documents to carry out its work. He also stated that the New Zealand Construction workforce has a relatively low number of young graduates joining the industry. The retirement age of the construction workers is typically younger than the others. With more workers retiring and less newcomers to the workforce, the shortage of New Zealand Construction workers is likely to continue unless recruitment, training, upskilling and further immigration can resolve the issues.