Below you will find an overview of the major ongoing projects, government statistics and reports covering Auckland and New Zealand. Where possible our researchers have referenced their sources, should you have any questions please contact build{at}

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Auckland, New Zealand Construction Market Overview:

  • New Zealand continues to construct more by value than ever before with recorded construction activity reaching $34b for 2016 and a continuation of this significant sustained growth is forecast.
  • Value increased by 8% in 2016, and is expected to grow another 23% to a peak of $42b in 2020 (
  • Residential building accounts for most of the growth in all construction, with a forecast peak of $25b in 2020.
  • Growth is also forecast for non-residential building with a peak of $9.6b in 2019.
  • Infrastructure increases an average of 4.5% a year in value throughout the forecast period to $9.5b in 2022.
  • The construction industry is rapidly changing and women are definitely making their mark.The number of women in the construction industry has grown exponentially in recent years, doubling to 17% over the last 15 years (
  • Auckland is the region with the highest share of multi-unit dwellings consented for 2016 (44%); this is forecast to increase to 50% by 2022. Almost 50,000 detached dwelling consents, and over 43,000 multi-unit dwellings, are projected for Auckland from 2015 through 2022.
  • Auckland is expected to dominate construction work over the six years to 2021, peaking in 2018 at $17 billion and hovering above $16 billion through to the end of the period (
  • The next 10 years will see approximately 50 major public projects developed for the city centre, including the City Rail Link, and potentially 40 major private developments that will deliver 3000 apartments and 250,000 square metres of office space (
  • The programme of work includes these major projects:
    • City Rail Link enabling package
    • Lower Queen Street
    • Queens Wharf
    • Quay Street
    • Harbour Edge projects
    • Downtown bus interchange (new network optimisation)
    • Fanshawe Street urban busway
    • Customs Street upgrade
    • Ferry Basin redevelopment
    • Downtown shopping centre block redevelopment (Precinct Properties NZ Ltd)
    • Stage 2 of the Beach Road cycleway
    • Seawall upgrade
    • Central wharves strategy.