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Access| Partners in Property



Access | Partners in Property is in the business of creating, protecting and improving the value of property for private and public-sector landlords
We are a dynamic, customer-focused company which specialises in project management and high-quality facilities and property maintenance services for local
authority, government and commercial clients.
We are a privately-owned NZ company that has now been operating for 13 years. Our continual
growth has made us the ideal size to offer a large-scale and diverse range of services with the superior management and attention to detail of a flexible and innovative project management
company. Access incorporates Gunac a specialist waterproofing company with 40 years of
The company’s head office is in Auckland with regional branches in the Tauranga and Hamilton.
With a dedicated team comprising over 130 employees, we have the capabilities to resource large
jobs effectively

Key services offered are:

 – Project Management and Construction

 – Facilities Management and Services

 – Building and Property Maintenance

 – Industrial Abseiling

 – Waterproofing Specialists