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Getting accurate information on when your Staff and Subcontractors are Onsite has been a major cost factor for many companies.

Many medium to large scale construction companies estimate that over 7% of their payroll and contractor costs are inaccurate.

100Rails is looking for a few select companies to be part of a study to roll out an app that uses face recognition, GPS coordinates and timestamps to fix this problem.

The app will go even further and allow users to see who is Onsite at any time, allow a site manager or foreman to approve timesheets and then sync that information back to the Admin office so that office staff from your company, your subcontractors and client can all work off the SAME timesheet source.

– Clock on and Off with an app running on a mobile phone or tablet (of any kind)

– Capture face recognition, Staff/Subcontractor Pin number, Job worked on, Type of
Work performed, Timestamp, GPS Location and work notes on the device

– Allow Site Managers, Client Managers and Sub Contractor Managers to Approve and
collaborate over the same timesheet entry

– Integrate that timesheet to Payroll and Invoicing (for all parties)

Contact Matt Aird direct on NZ +64 9-887 9215 or AUS +61 2 9158 3046 or the main line at +64-9-4701480