Construction sites in Eastfield Avenue, a large residential development area in eastern Auckland, was found violating building site rules after staff from Auckland Council’s regulatory team paid a site visit. Developers were held accountable as they did not comply to the rules. Regulatory compliance manager, Steve Pearce, said that this could result in a fine of $750. Abatement notices will be issued to correct the situation right away. He added, “Ultimately, builders who violate the rules may be prosecuted and enforcement will be sought to prevent any further building work from taking place.”

Auckland Council’s Waste Solution Team will be cleaning up the rubbish in the area and will proactively monitor the area for further offence. Offenders will receive fines of $400 and even prosecution.

The council claimed that the violations were indisputable even with the warnings and educational proactive campaigns given in advance. “This is especially disappointing to see when the council has taken steps to try and educate these builders and has given them a number of warnings,” Councillor Linda Cooper said.

Additionally, Cooper claimed that the resources consent is essentially an agreement between the developer and general public that they will act according to the rules and prevent any more adverse effects.

“When the council is forced to step in, it costs ratepayers and means our staff aren’t available to address other issues.

“It’s not right that Aucklanders have to pay for these companies’ disregard for the rules,” she said.

“While the council encourages development to meet the current housing shortage, it cannot be at the expense of the environment.”