Auckland mayor Phil Goff  recently attended the opening ceremony of an almost car-free residential development.

Daisy Apartments, located on Akepiro Street in Mount Eden, was given a 10-star rating for its 33 apartments and two parking spaces for shared cars.

The complex earned the title of “New Zealand’s Greenest Apartment Building”, which was awarded by the New Zealand Green Building Council (NZGBC).

NZGBC’s Chief Executive Andrew Eagles explained that New Zealand was behind compared to most OECD countries for heating and water efficiencies. However, Eagles believed that Housing Minister Phil Twyford’s recent call for building code review could help tackle New Zealand’s less efficient housing.

Built on a 320,000 square metre plot, Daisy Apartments is well-connected to neighboring facilities such as the “pocket park”.

The apartments are also located near Dominion Road, which offers convenient public transportation.

In addition, Daisy Apartments boasts a rooftop solar farm and separately metered hot water supply, so tenants can keep track of their hot and cold water consumption.

Rather than private car parks, Daisy Apartments houses 12 scooter parks, 40 bicycle spaces and two shared cars spaces.

Ockham Residential was the mastermind behind the development, and is now offering the apartments at a more attractive price than the average Auckland property.

The average Daisy apartment is priced at $530,000, whereas the market norm is $845,000.

Co-founder Mark Todd firmly believes in the future of urban living without private cars, and champions public transport orientated apartment projects.

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