AE Smith looks after more than 2,000 commercial facilities across the country with a team of 200+ fully licensed and highly qualified engineers, project managers and technicians. Our geographical footprint — 12 offices in Australia and New Zealand — makes us one of the largest and most trusted heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), electrical and mechanical service contractors in the ANZ region. We integrate mechanical and electrical services — from design, through to commissioning, fine-tuning and maintenance of all services — to deliver a custom and complete HVAC solution for each individual client.
All HVAC and other power consuming equipment in a building should be commissioned when it is first installed to ensure that it is operating to its design efficiencies and delivering the required indoor environmental conditions and comfort levels. We additionally recommend annual re-commissioning and fine tuning the building’s systems, to ensure they are working to their original and optimised design efficiency.


Darryl Church –, 0276448801 – Service and Maintenance (Account Manager)
Jeff Wright –, 02275711138 – Construction and Projects (Operations Manager)
Peter Schnell –, 0272238044 – Business and opportunities.