Visa demand for Build NZ Tradies Outnumber Professionals for First Time

For the first time, the number of approved work visas of trade workers has exceeded professionals. There were nearly 13,000 trade workers who received a work visas for the construction industry, whilst only around 11,000 professionals received it.

The construction sector was the most vulnerable industry in need of more people. As the government establishes the KiwiBuild scheme the pressures on the construction workforce have become unprecedented. According to a report by MBIE, despite the increasing work visa for tradespeople, there is still a shortage of 15,000 people.

Employers and Manufacturers Association Kim Campbell was not surprised by the trend. He predicted that the number of foreign tradespeople will likely outnumber professionals as a lot of sector is experiencing a skill shortage. The industry will continue to need more overseas tradespeople due to the recent construction boom driven by policies  to tackle housing shortage.

Immigration policies to support Build NZ workforce

Immigration Minister lain Lees-Galloway said the immigration policies need to be accommodating. Immigration New Zealand has reached out to talent with specific skills such as surveying, building inspection and site management.