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Whanganui Joins Construction Boom

Whanganui firms are now joining in the rising construction activity in New Zealand. Jamie O’Leary from Jamie O’Leary Builders and Stonewood Homes claims to be witnessing its “longest incremental high in living memory” within Whanganui and its surrounding areas. “It’s really good – we are doing bloody well,” exclaimed Mr O’Leary. “It’s been steady with […]

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Chinese Tradies to Help Complete Park Hyatt Hotel

200 Chinese workers will be flown to Auckland to help complete the $200 million Park Hyatt hotel located in the city’s Wynyard Quarter, which is projected to be finished in March 2019. Fu Wah developers from Beijing explained that the lack of skilled workers in construction would delay the project for months if no workers […]

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$12million Hospital Expansion

With the number of ED patients hitting record high, many non-essential surgeries are not being performed. As the Emergency Department receives a record influx of patients, Hawke’s Bay Hospital had to delay non-life-threatening surgeries. The demand for hospital services proved exceptionally high in 2017, especially for acute surgeries – which had been running around-the-clock since […]

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KiwiBuild Will Carry Risk

Government officials informed Housing Minister Phil Twyford that KiwiBuild plan will carry risk. The new Minister was briefed by officials from several ministries regarding Labour’s housing policies as he came into office. At present, Labour’s biggest plan is KiwiBuild: to deliver 100,000 new affordable homes in the next ten years, with 50% in Auckland and […]

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20,000 Foreign Builders to Meet Industry Shortage

Due to a shortage of local candidates, New Zealand construction companies are currently reaching out to foreign builders to meet market demand. Both private and public organisations are backing the new campaign, which encourages builders to immigrate to New Zealand to help support the growing industry. The campaign is named LookSee Build and it adopts […]

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Australia needs to prioritize housing affordability for its low-to-medium-income earners

Australia needs Affordable Housing

According to Dr. Matthew Thomas of Social Policy and Alicia Hall, housing affordability in Australia has broadly declined since the early 1980s. The price to income ratio index shows a tremendous 78% increase between 1980 and 2015. What can be done about it? The common argument is that there simply not enough new houses being […]

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Labour Shortage in Auckland

The construction labour force is not catching up with the immense construction boom in Auckland. Contrary to the positive trend, the city’s unemployment rate is still above the national average at 6.6 percent. The robust and seemingly omnipresent building and construction activities around Auckland have generated thousands of jobs; however, the shortage is evident as […]

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