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Green Building Standard Needed In New Zealand

A new report released by the Climate Action Tracker group revealed that the carbon emissions from buildings increased by more than double between 1990 and 2010. The overriding factor in this increase was said to be down to the increase in electricity usage. The group monitors 32 countries’ emissions and policies and their impact on […]

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Cheap Hybrid Systems for Earthquake-Resistant Buildings

Dr Minghao Li, a structural timber engineer at the University of Canterbury and his team, including researchers from Tongji Univeristy in China are currently looking for low-cost alternatives to build earthquake-resistant buildings. They recently shook a 8.8 metre building that was constructed out of cheap materials readily available in New Zealand to see the impact. […]

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Auckland Building Costs Increased by 17% In A Year

While New Zealand inflation is running at 2.2%, the building costs in Auckland in the past year increased 17%. According to information provided by Statistics NZ, Auckland building consent costs rose from $1846/sqm in 2016 to $2153/sqm in 2017. The national costs over the same perios rose from $1812/sqm to $1946/sqm only. The surge has […]

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Knowledge workers in growing demand

The demand for knowledge workers is increasing across New Zealand as employers recruit these highly-skilled professionals to add immediate value and adapt to the rapidly changing and digitising world of work. Of the new jobs added to the latest Hays Quarterly Report of skills in demand (for October to December 2016), the recruiter says “almost […]

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3D printing wood for construction

It may sound like magic, but a Canterbury University researcher thinks 3D technology could hold the key to a whole new industry in 3D printing wood. The outcome could be an endless supply of timber for construction without ever having to cut down a tree. Associate Professor David Leung has just received funding of $255,000 […]

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Young people wanted in the growing industry

Wanted: 32,000 people to fill jobs to help fuel Auckland’s rapid growth. Available: 23,000 16-24 year old Aucklanders not in education, employment or training. And the money’s good – $40,000-$60,000 in many starting salaries and genuine prospects for advancement. It seems an easy equation to solve. But a new competition, #BuildAKL, has been launched to […]

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Economy gets boost from building sector

New Zealand’s booming construction sector remains one of the main pillars for the country’s economic growth, benefiting from an expanding population in need of housing and spurring activity in other industries. Government data today showed the construction sector grew 5 percent in the three months ended June 30, making the biggest contribution to a 0.9 […]

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A high school drop out built a $35m company

Liam Field, 54, dropped out of west Auckland’s Henderson High School almost 40 years ago at just 15-years-old, saying that “school just wasn’t really for me”. After quitting school he did a number of jobs including earthmoving and sales. He got his start in business with the purchase of a $30,000 digger. But it all really began at the […]

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Fletcher forecasts strong earnings uplift

Fletcher Building is forecasting a strong uplift in underlying earnings for 2017 in the range of $720-760 million, mainly on the back of a boom in Auckland residential construction. Fletcher broke with its usual practice when reporting results to provide guidance for 2017 which was in line with market expectations, Sydney-based RBC Capital Markets analyst […]

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Future demands for construction workforce

More construction workers will be needed to supply the sufficient labour power to support the nationwide boom in construction investment and developments. With different reports detailing the positive statistics of projects and growth, employment in construction is definitely a factor as the building trend continues. With investments in the construction sector expected to peak at $37 billion in […]

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