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Economy gets boost from building sector

New Zealand’s booming construction sector remains one of the main pillars for the country’s economic growth, benefiting from an expanding population in need of housing and spurring activity in other industries. Government data today showed the construction sector grew 5 percent in the three months ended June 30, making the biggest contribution to a 0.9 […]

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Future demands for construction workforce

More construction workers will be needed to supply the sufficient labour power to support the nationwide boom in construction investment and developments. With different reports detailing the positive statistics of projects and growth, employment in construction is definitely a factor as the building trend continues. With investments in the construction sector expected to peak at $37 billion in […]

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NZ building activity grows

Auckland dominated construction for both residential and commercial construction as NZ building activities continue to grow for a fifth quarter in the March period. Volume of residential activity rose 5.5 percent and commercial for 5 percent. In the same period, the comparison in increase is significant than that of the March quarter last year. Building […]

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