John Weaver

General Manager
McDonalds IT

I’m John, General Manager at McDonalds IT.

I handle the Sales, Services and Project delivery aspects of the business as well as building and growing our key strategic partnerships. Engaging in collaborative efforts with vendors, partners and customers I enforce the McDonalds IT business values and quality standards along with overseeing daily operations to ensure our customers receive the best solutions & service. I also head up the Security Practice at McDonalds IT and get involved in the business on the technical side, providing mentoring and training for all our staff. Often, I have a hand in our projects while providing the teams with an escalation point for any assistance they require, technical or otherwise.

My IT career began with me programming semiconductors before starting my own business running competitive LAN gaming events. From there I moved into the games industry before coming to New Zealand in 2003. I have worked in a wide range of industry sectors, from the Entertainment industry (Games, Movies), Agribusiness, Technology and semiconductor to web-based, finance, banking, insurance, Bio-Security, Government, floristry, accounting, healthcare and much more.

When the opportunity arose for me to work with McDonalds IT, I jumped at the chance as the organisation is so dedicated to providing fantastic services to customers and really making a big difference to businesses through technology. The opportunity to be part of the growth, of such an exciting organisation with a fantastic, dedicated team of guys was too good to miss.

I spend my spare time studying to improve my languages other than English, reading up on the latest technology trends and playing video games. I always have a number of projects on the go from building my own keyboards and contributing to open source projects, to working out new methods of hacking a (my) car and looking for techniques that could be used to compromise or exploit IoT devices. When I get myself away from the computer, I enjoy getting out into the world on my motorcycle or in my car and training boxing and Muay Thai.

McDonald’s IT are truly able to assist you with anything you need, there is no request too small for us to assist, or too big to handle, whatever the problem, whatever the need, you are better off with McDonald’s IT looking after your Technology Solutions.


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