Eric Jansseune

Environmental Solar Engineer
EWA-TEC Global

ME Me and ME EnvSc

Eric Jansseune is a Professional Engineer with Master degrees in Environmental Science and Mechanical Engineering (ME, Antwerp). Eric is a New Zealand resident from Belgium since 2005. Eric has been actively involved in solar projects since 1990 and started his career as an Environmental Engineer in the fields of wastewater treatment and air pollution filtration. Eric has meanwhile been responsible for the design and project engineering of numerous successful solar projects in many fields including passive, active, solar hot water heating, space heating, swimming pool heating, solar electric and solar cooling. His solar house in Belgium was awarded by the Belgian Government and Eric organized many open home days for schools and public. As a Trainer and Educator with experience in domestic, commercial and industrial solar systems, Eric organizes general or specialized workshops on all levels, including architects and engineers. He has provided solar training for different Educational and Professional organizations in Belgium and New Zealand. Since 1995 Eric provides design, consulting, training and education services related to the development and installation of Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Solar Applications.

My Sessions

Solar Energy Workshop


The overall energy efficiency in NZ is very low NZ has a high ecological footprint and high electricity use for hot water, heating and cooking Solar energy is a mature technology and booming worldwide, but NZ is not keeping pace and lacking behind State-of-the-art solar hot water systems can save 70 % of hot water […]