Sustainability & BIM

Built to Last: Future-proofing Auckland

Conference November 3, 2017 10:00 am - 10:20 am

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John Mauro

  • Auckland’s current and future challenges – particularly rapid population growth, aging/changing infrastructure needs and climate impacts – require us to think differently about the future
  • An integrated, strategic, and sustainable approach helps deliver better value to ratepayers – including social, economic and environmental benefits
  • Tackling and adapting to climate change is a “must do” – and while it won’t be easy, it also poses tremendous opportunities. What are these opportunities and challenges? What can Auckland Council do and where do we need others’ help?
  • Auckland’s taken a few bold steps, experimenting with new approaches to transport, the built environment, energy, waste – and it’s now time to accelerate and broaden this work. I’ll explore a few of these and reflect on what the future holds.