The Building Officials Institute of New Zealand is a non-profit registered charitable organisation. The Institute has a national office based in Wellington and nine branches nationwide. The Institute represents over 1200 members engaged in building controls in both the public and private sectors.

Our Vision – Improving the Quality and Performance of the Built Environment.

The Institute strives to raise the status and advance the interests of the profession of building surveyors. The Institute encourages members to develop a better understanding of the responsibilities and duties imposed by Acts and regulations. To achieve this, the Institute facilitates opportunities for the members to meet, correspond and interchange knowledge relevant to the science of building control in New Zealand.

The Institute is committed to ensuring the quality of New Zealand’s buildings meet the requirements of the community and their occupiers. Poor quality building options are not acceptable and all involved in the building industry need an acute awareness of the Building Code and associated regulations, thereby ensuring the community has overall faith in New Zealand’s building stock. The Institute will review, promote, or lobby for legislation and standards which will provide safe and healthy buildings for our community.

The Building Officials Institute of New Zealand was formed following an amalgamation of the Plumbing and Drainage Institute Inc and the New Zealand Institute of Building Inspectors Inc in 1998, with the New Zealand Institute of Building Inspectors having been formed in 1967. With that date adopted by the Building Officials Institute of New Zealand as its commencement date, the Institute proudly celebrates its 50th year in 2017.