NZA Apprenticeships (NZA) recruit, employ, place and manage apprentices in the building / construction sector. NZA Apprenticeships pay for all associated employee costs such as annual leave, sick leave, statutory holidays, Kiwisaver, ACC, PPE and the necessary health and safety training such as site safe. NZA also pay an hourly tool allowance to the apprentice on top of their wage earnt. If the trade requires block courses then NZA will pay for the time of attendance by the apprentice (40 hours / week)

As NZA is the employer, the apprentices are sub contracted out to a place of work (the Host Business) that provides the required scope of work (on the job training) that reflects the course structure set down by the ITO. Regular visits to the Host Business and to the apprentice is conducted by NZA and BCITO to ensure the apprentice is on track with their “on the job” and “off the job” training.

The key thing is the Host Business only pays when the apprentice is at work – if it is a trade without a block course then its 44 weeks a year.

Further details are found on our website or contact our Business managers Penny on 0212317074 or Geoff on 0212229144