Lifting Equipment Engineers New Zealand Incorporated (LEENZ) was formed in 1992 to adopt a common range of Standards for the New Zealand Industry and to promote the safe use of Lifting Equipment.

LEENZ’s strength derives from the accumulated expertise of its Members who collectively have many years experience within the Lifting Equipment Industry. Current Members of LEENZ include the Department of Labour (formally OSH), Manufacturers, Importers, Suppliers and Users of Lifting Equipment throughout New Zealand and Australia.The LEENZ Code of Practice for the Safe Use of Lifting Equipment was written to cover all areas from legal requirements through to recommended usage, maintenance and repairs.

LEENZ’s formulation was based on the principles of ‘Lifting Equipment Engineers Association’ (LEEA), and has at its disposal full resources of this

United Kingdom based organisation. LEEA are spread throughout the world including the United States, Canada, Germany, France, the Middle East, Asia and the African Continent.

Along with the sale of Lifting Equipment, many LEENZ Members offer a complete service of periodic examination, testing, repair, re-certification and general servicing. Some Members also offer training courses in safe lifting practices.

LEENZ is devoted to quality, safety, training, and the testing and inspection of Lifting Equipment to the Manufacturers Standards and the highest level of integrity.

LEENZ, in conjunction with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA), has registered Unit Standards covering both inspection and proof testing of Lifting Equipment. Information on Unit Standards numbers 23448, 23449 and 23450 can be obtained from website

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