BDT_Cover_Logo and Image_High Res 300 x 300The Building Disputes Tribunal is the leading independent, nationwide provider of specialist dispute resolution services for the building and construction industry in New Zealand.

The Building Disputes Tribunal is approved by the Minister of Building and Housing as an Authorised Nominating Authority for the purpose of nominating adjudicators under the Construction Contracts Act 2002.

Our extensive knowledge and experience of building and construction law and the design and implementation of dispute resolution processes for the building and construction industry enables us to develop a comprehensive understanding of the industry’s and the community’s needs and to constantly deliver sound and commercially relevant advice on dispute resolution procedures and options and innovative and effective dispute resolution services.

We focus on informing and educating parties and their advisers about dispute resolution processes so that they may make informed decisions about the dispute resolution options that are available to them.

Our support team is considered approachable, accessible and helpful. Those parties to building and construction disputes and/or their advisers who contact us seeking advice, tell us that they are grateful for the personal service and professional advice that our Registrars provide which demystifies the dispute resolution processes for them and helps them to understand and to participate in the processes more effectively.

As the leading provider of dispute resolution services to the building and construction industry and as an Authorised Nominating Authority, the Tribunal has responsibilities that extend beyond dispute resolution work. The Tribunal is committed to training and educating our panelists and to educating and informing the industry, the legal profession and the community about dispute avoidance, conflict management and dispute resolution practices and procedures. We are passionate and proud of our approach to serving the industry and the community.

Our strategy, our vision and our values

The Building Disputes Tribunal is recognised and respected as the leading provider of specialist dispute resolution services to the building and construction industry in New Zealand.

The Tribunal aims to maintain that privileged position and to continue to set the standard of excellence for building and construction dispute resolution in New Zealand through:

– Building and maintaining strong and trusted relationships with all industry sectors, the legal profession, and the community.

– Providing quality advice and highly efficient professional services.

– Establishing and promoting independent panels of dispute resolution professionals who are experienced, respected and recognised as leaders in construction dispute resolution in New Zealand.

– Encouraging and training less experienced, but otherwise properly qualified persons to act in relation to lower value and less complex claims under the mentorship of their more experienced colleagues so that they may gain valuable experience and knowledge in a safe environment for the parties.

– Maintaining a comprehensive and user-friendly website to inform and educate parties to construction contracts and their advisers about the regimes for making and responding to payment claims and for the resolution of disputes arising under those contracts.

– Providing fair, prompt and cost effective dispute resolution procedures.

We believe passionately that our model of creating and developing innovative, specialist dispute resolution processes by combining our extensive expertise and local experience with the best aspects of evolving global trends and practices allows us to provide the best possible service to the New Zealand building industry and the community.

Our Vision is underpinned by our five core values. It is these values that have enabled us to build a flexible and responsive organisation that can continuously change and adapt in order to achieve our vision.

Integrity: Exemplifying impartiality, independence, integrity, honesty and accountability – everything we say and do will reflect the highest moral, ethical and professional standards.
Respect: Engendering mutual respect in all our interactions.
Support: Giving all those who use and deliver our services the maximum support.
Discipline: Maintaining consistency and certainty in the delivery of our services.
Trust: Trusting that all our people share our values.

Truly client focused
Anyone can claim to be client focused. At the Building Disputes Tribunal we have issued an open Statement of Commitment and we have launched one of the dispute resolution sector’s most comprehensive client feedback programmes to measure just how focused and committed we really are.