Architecture+Women•NZ brings together the diverse practices of women trained in the field of architecture and seeks to raise their profile in the public realm. This is done through networks, events, publication and policy, and it is is free to join.

The core aims of Architecture+Women•NZ are visibility and inclusiveness,and to achieve these we provide a support system which helps make visible the hard work of A+W•NZ members, and attempt to remove or reduce as many barriers as possible which may affect their practice. We believe that by working from the strong platform of gender to increase diversity in the profession, benefits are gained for all those who work in architecture.

A+W•NZ is a free and accessible non-profit Incorporated Society, initially founded in 2011. The A+W•NZ website includes a continually-growing database of the wide range of women trained in architecture, as well as articles, historical research, awards information and event news. We enjoy watching our online community grow and relationships throughout the construction industry being strengthened.