A large scale Auckland leaky building repair project is due to wrap up this month following a whopping $24 million spent on fixing 81 townhouses.

Body corporate chairman of Parnell Terraces on The Strand in Quay Park, Michael Rehm, explained that although the project deviated from its initial plan, the public will see significant progress after the white shrink wrap is removed from the surface of the repair project.

“In the month of April, the scaffolding should come down on the first blocks,” said Rehm.

Some owners are frustrated with the fact that they had to pay over $300,000 each for repairs and spend $60,000 on rent. However, when their townhouse is returned there will be neither paint nor carpeting.

“Everyone thinks leaky buildings are over but we’re still caught up in this nightmare,” according to an owner.

As an owner claims, costs had risen and could be closer to $26.4 million. Moreover, the process has dragged on for 18 months “and yet it’s not finished, why?”

Rehm projects that final costs will remain close to the original $24 million sum.

“I appreciate how owners are feeling. The project has clearly not gone to plan which all owners know in broad terms.

“We are looking to arrange an extraordinary meeting to discuss progress and make resolutions on some matters related to the reclad project. With a number of things in flux we have continually had to push back the planned EGM [extraordinary general meeting].

“There is a repair levy due on May 15 which represents a firm deadline in my mind for the date of an EGM. I have wanted to hold an EGM no later than mid-April but that is constantly being pushed further into the future as we don’t have the information required to set the EGM’s agenda and draft the associated resolutions,” he said.

An owner claimed that a final instalment of $50,000 will be due soon.

“But we’re not going to pay unless we know we’re getting into our place before the end of this year. We’re handing over all this money and we don’t even know where it’s gone. Have the contractors been paid? Is it sitting in a holding account? We have no idea. This is financially devastating. We have nowhere to live,” said the owner.

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