Website: zyte.co.nz

Zyte’s innovative platform drastically slashes costs, risks and waste for contractors, tradespeople and service firms

What makes Zyte unique?

Zyte can upgrade any call to video – even though the other caller may not have the app – no installation or exchanging usernames.

This “Magic Link” process allows you to easily screenshare on any call – whether with a customer, staff, contractor or anyone else.

Participants can easily share live video, point on the screen and collaborate, record video and/or take notes.

Using satellite maps you can easily determine lengths and areas for jobs like fencing, decking, roofing and installations. You can easily measure clearances or ask for a walk through of an area

Zyte’s unique tech allows you to share, collaborate and record with almost anything: web pages, maps, documents, emails, live or recorded drone feeds, and much more.

Zyte organizes your internal and customer-facing conversations – video, audio, text and images.