VIZ 360



VIZ360 Interactive 3D media is a brand new richer, deeper online experience for selling unbuilt and built properties offering

360 Photography, 360 Video, Virtual Tours, Virtual Showrooms, Virtual Stores and Custom VR

We are now using our personal devices (including mobiles, tablets, pcs & VR headsets etc) to experience rich and immersive Interactive 3D Media. There is a massive shift across all industries to upgrade from static 2D imagery to immersive interactive virtual tours, virtual showrooms, virtual 3d stores, 360 videos and custom VR and AR applications.

VIZ360 Interactive 3D Media is so powerful and effective for marketing products and services because it allows customers to truly experience your products, designs or places in high definition 3D and enables them to interact, experience and customise to a specific taste from the convenience of their personal devices, driving them much closer to a buying decision. It truly is the ultimate marketing tool and its more affordable than you think!

VIZ 360 is perfect for Developers, Builders, Real Estate, Architects Interior Designers and Product Suppliers.