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Upcycle Limited



100% New Zealand Company UPCYCLE LTD has been operating its own business – international trading and e-waste & battery waste recycling.

Our main items of international trading mainly import from South Korea.

– Construction & building items: Lifts/parts, Steel/pipe, LED Lighting, Air Con Filter/Coil, PI Panels

– Hi Tech items: CCTV, IP Program/system, Fire alarm/CCTV system, Medical 3D Printer

– Infra items: Water care system/items, Steel frame, DTH Hammer/Drill bit, Cable Protect Tube

– Chemical items: paints/coatings, resins, anti-fouling paints

– Industrial items: Blow molding Machine, Duct Hose, Flex tube, Food recycling system, Solar
  Generation items: LUXCO Korea Items – Solar module, PCS, Inverter, Battery

– Packaging items: Stretching film for pallet, PVC Film for food, Silage film etc

– Advanced agricultural items: Fermenter and microorganism, fertilizer and fertilizer mixer, Green
house film and frame, Drone, Agricultural machinery/equipment, Natural cattle Feed, Auto Cattle
Care System

– Other items: Dual toothbrush, Toilet paper, Working glove, Mask