Website: www.timescapes.co.nz

Timescapes provides high-resolution construction monitoring and time-lapse services in New Zealand.

Our aim is to add value to the modern day construction process by bridging the gap between site and office. With real time, high-resolution images sent to Timescapes’​ online image viewer, our software is developed in-house to help boost project management efficiency. It is a cost effective tool for documenting your progress while also creating high-quality marketing content.

Quality is a key focus of ours. We use high-resolution DSLR cameras and cinematic production editing techniques and apply them to the construction industry. Our professional time-lapse production is designed to provide a crisp, clean, professional time-lapse that is both interesting to watch and engaging for the viewer.

With combined experience in professional photography, engineering consulting & computer programming our values are aligned to accommodate our clients’​ needs and continue to learn from those while delivering high-quality work.

We work throughout New Zealand on projects ranging from luxury sky rise apartments to single home-builds, large-scale commercial developments and rural asset builds.