Sustain & Enable Consulting Services


Sustain & Enable is a Social Enterprise and Environmental Consultancy that helps people live in healthier, more sustainable homes. We work with industry and property professionals to make sustainability affordable for everyone – because everyone deserves to be safe and warm in an affordable, healthy home.

We consult on products, design, new builds, renovations, and existing homes with any business, group, or household wishing to make healthy and sustainable choices. Homes should be free of mould and condensation, future proofed, and inexpensive to heat and operate; Homes should be durable, safe, dry, warm and comfortable for occupants of all ages and abilities. We assess each property as an integrated system that provides a healthy environment for the people who live there. Recommendations are impartial and tailored specifically to each property.  

Create a home for life, not just one that will do for now. 021 206 9646