Screw Pile Solutions



Rob and his team at Screw Pile Solutions have been trained by their Australian manufacturer, who has a proven track record of 40 years combined experience in the domestic and commercial piling industry. With more than 22 years’ experience in the construction industry himself, Screw Pile Solutions founder, Rob Voigt, knows a good system when he sees it.

Screw piles offer a less intrusive and time effective alternative to traditional piles and, and if required, can be removed as quickly as they are installed. There is no time spent excavating to box and pour a pile, no spoil to remove from site and no over Engineering on the depth of the pile.

Screw piles are the perfect solution for building foundations, ecologically sensitive sites, temporary structures, underpinning, furniture footings – the list goes on.

Screw Pile Solutions – an alternative to traditional piling solutions.