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Pacific Nanotechnology Group Ltd



Pacific Nanotechnology Group Ltd is a New Zealand company that supplies Nanotechnology Solutions for Industrial, Construction and DIY users and are the Nanophos ( distributor for New Zealand.  Nanophos SA is a world leader in applied Nanotechnology for Industrial and Construction coatings and their formulations provide solutions for common problems such as moisture, mould and thermal insulation.

Nanotechnology works on a molecular scale. Water is unable to penetrate surfaces treated with a Nanotechnology coating so water and other particles such as grime, mould and dust are washed away.

We have a comprehensive product range which can be applied to concrete, timber, glass, metals, tiles and grout, marble, terracotta and ceramics. Each unique product invisibly coats the surface it is applied to keeping it clean, saving time and money.

 Quite simply there is nothing else on the market that compares to, or can compete with Nanotechnology for economy, invisibility and effectiveness.