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Nuflow Technologies



At Nuflow we are Australasia’s leading pipe repair and clearing specialists, providing reline solutions to fix cracked, displaced, leaking and corroded pipes – without digging or excavating surfaces. With dedication to research and development our Blueline, Redline and Greenline technologies are recognised as the world’s most dynamic and versatile relining systems.

Our products:

  • Are Watermark Certified WMTS-518 therefore meeting the highest regulatory standards in New Zealand.

  • Are built to last with a 50 year written warranty.

  • Allow installation in junctions, bends, horizontal or vertical pipes in one complete application. The reline can stop and start in sections as required becoming more cost effective.

We’ve spent over 10 years perfecting our product and techniques and believe that every business, residence, council or civil engineer should have someone to turn to when drainage and pressure pipe issues occur.
PH: 0800 168 356