NR Co., Limited



NR was established in January, 2015.
Our core products:

– Nano Coating business, semiconductor equipment cutting tool, parts coating for automobile weight reduction.

– Recycling abandoned rubber from waste tires and automobile interior products to produce cross links severance rubber products for asphalt rubber concrete
– Hand tools

We are gradually growing into a company that produces these products and sells them domestically and abroad, a company that focuses on technology, and a company that contributes to the society with human-oriented products.
We are growing to become a company with a strong prospect of future development.
We are always striving to develop new products. We are a leading company in quality, product, and originality of products with good image from companies that are needed in industry, companies that produce only specialized products, and consumers. 

We will make efforts to become a company that is needed for international society as a leader in various fields.