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MEIWA has been manufacturing and selling small construction machinery in Japan since its foundation in 1945 and has been instrumental in improving roads and infrastructure all over the world.

The Range includes:

 – Trench Rammers

 – Plate Compactors

 – Reversible Plate Compactors

 – Vibrating Pedestrian Rollers

 – Concrete Saws

MEIWA is renowned worldwide for its long-standing excellence in the design and engineering of high-quality and high-performing small construction machinery. The attitude and technology of “quality-focused” manufacturing that MEIWA has cultivated over the past half-century has formed a solid foundation of “trust” from thousands of users all over the globe. MEIWA will continue to make new and reformed efforts in “making products that contribute to society” without failing to constantly study needs and improvements in this changing world.

We welcome you to join the global group of satisfied and loyal MEIWA users in New Zealand.