Markham is dedicated to providing innovations for concrete & construction.

Markham’s AQURON concrete treatments range from providing your concrete floor with curing, hardening, anti-dusting, to moisture control under your floor coverings, waterproofing of your concrete structures and protecting and halting the degeneration of your concrete from the harsh elements of nature.  AQURON, combined with our other waterproofing can provide you with a full basement waterproofing solution.

Markham also offers you a full range of fibre re-inforcing options which will save you time and costs related to pumping on your concrete yard and reduce the risk of shrinkage cracking.

Markham has recently launched the NOE Formliner to New Zealand which allow you to add design to your concrete panels with one of the standard forms or let your imagination go wild with tailor made forms from your own design

Markham has a dedicated team of Project consultants and Technical advisers at the Auckland Build Show to discuss your next project and help you save money, time and increase the lifespan of your assets.