Jim’s Building Inspections


Website: www.jimsbuildinginspections.co.nz

Jim’s Building Inspections provide New Zealand property owners with forward thinking, conclusive and professional building inspections that are thorough and simple to read. A strict pre-selection process ensures that clients are appointed with a building inspector who is qualified, highly skilled, insured, licensed and knowledgeable regarding your property’s structure, location, and environment.

With the motto ‘Before You Buy.Before You Build’ property owners everywhere are recognising the importance of a building inspection when managing what is often their biggest financial commitment – their home. Jim’s Building Inspections offer a range of services suitable for home buyers, vendors, property investors, property managers and commercial clients.

Jim’s Building Inspections provides the opportunity to become a building inspector with arguably New Zealand’s most well-known franchise brand.

A building inspector carries out inspections for all types of buildings including commercial and residential buildings. Inspectors investigate and report on the condition of buildings, identifying defects.