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The JESANI® Shower, Door and Appliance linear channels provide endless solutions for wetroom drainage in bathrooms, laundries and kitchens, allowing for a safer environment with the elimination of hazards and potential flooding to other areas of the home.

The channels are also designed for easy installation, with the stainless-steel flanges providing fixing support and sound infrastructure for the waterproofing and finishing processes to follow.

We recognise the importance of customising our channels based on the needs of the customer to ensure their project can maximise the wet area space whilst eliminating potential disasters.

Currently, the JESANI® products are the only BRANZ appraised linear wetroom channels in New Zealand and are also Product Approved with Lifemark® – a division of CCS Disability Action. This provides confidence for design and building professionals alike to specify a product of this nature.

The JESANI® product range of channels is a valuable investment for all your wetroom drainage design solutions.