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If you want a consistent system of tools, equipment and accessories, for use on walls and ceilings, there is only one brand that offers a complete system; Intex. Established in 1976 and now a 3rd generation family owned business, Intex Group still operates on the traditional principles of honesty, integrity, and hard work that it was founded on. When dealing with Intex Group, you will appreciate the fact that those who you were dealing with years ago are still here as their commitment remains and their knowledge is unmatched. Indeed, many of our clients are “next generation” members too!  Which means that together we understand the industry, the challenges and the solutions. And what it takes to successfully serve drywallers and create repeat customers. Intex Group is now an efficient, modern day business partnered with Intex Group Intl in Melbourne, Australia. We bring you all the advantages of group buying, strong international relationships with leading manufacturers and industry professionals. We look forward to helping you.