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Dasso Group has been established since 1993 and noted with DASSO brand, which has 7 factories, with 80000m2 of factory space and over 1000 employees. Over 25 years experience,  dasso takes leading position in the development of moso bamboo products. Products range from indoor to outdoor, including solid bamboo flooring and strand woven bamboo flooring ,  furniture paneling, ceiling and  dasso.XTR fused bamboo decking, lumber…Decking is the featured product for which dasso has patented technology. With high quality and excellent service, Dasso has successfully brought its products to consumers all over the world, such as Madrid International Airport in Spain, which used almost 200000m2 fireproof bamboo ceiling, the biggest bamboo project all the world until today, BMW dashboard, Shanghai Expo, etc. Now we also have a good cooperation with IKEA in the business line of furniture.