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GutterFoam provides two types of gutter protection systems.

GutterFoam is an open cell polyurethane foam insert.

KiwiGutter is a high density polyethylene gutter protection that is great for bird control.

Both products are inert; there are no fixings and there is no damage to the roof or gutter.

Easily installed and compatible with all NZ gutter profiles and sizes.

GutterFoam is drinking water friendly. Collecting rainwater for household and rural requirements is safe.

GutterFoam and KiwiGutter are protected with UV absorbers.

7 Year product warranty for GutterFoam.

10 Year product warranty for KiwiGutter.

IN SUMMARY: We are able to recommend our gutter protection systems GutterFoam & KiwiGutter with the confidence & knowledge that rainwater systems and gutters will be cleaner; with the correct installation, the warranties of roofs & spouting systems are not compromised and regular maintenance is minimal.