Gutter Foam Ltd



We distribute a gutter protection system that is an open cell polyurethane foam insert. There are no fixings and therefore no damage to the roof or gutter. GutterFoam can be designed and cut to suit all rainwater systems.

Roofing and spouting companies are more than satisfied with the foam insert. 

We believe that our gutter protection foam insert system meets the warranty of all spouting manufacturers. By ensuring that all tree debris is kept out of the gutters, rainwater flows as designed to the down-pipes therefore no water ponding and potentially no stagnant water with rotting leaves and smelly water for mosquito, insects and birds to feed and breed.

Our New Zealand designed product GutterFoam is protected with UV absorbers and mould inhibitors. GutterFoam is drinking water friendly. For those who collect rainwater for drinking purposes, our products have passed the Drinking Water Quality Guidelines for Australia and New Zealand. 

We are able to recommend our gutter protection systems with the confidence & knowledge that rainwater systems and gutters will be cleaner; the warranties of spouting systems are not compromised; the maintenance is mostly minimal and it has the potential to assist property maintenance companies with health and safety concerns for working at height.