Green Gorilla



Take the greener kiwi approach to recycling and waste recovery.

Green Gorilla works at every stage of a building, from design and build through to occupancy. Over 170 years combined experience has gone into creating analysis, plans, systems, equipment & operations, all with a focus on diverting waste from landfill.

You’ll find a dependable 100+ strong team in charge of a complete range of planning, collection, recycling, reuse and disposal services.

Landfill is the last resort for Green Gorilla, rather than the first port of call that it is for many others. Green Gorilla is so committed to diverting waste from landfill, we have our own 2.7ha Waste Processing Facility. Last year we diverted 75 million kgs of construction waste from Auckland landfill and recycled 400,000 kgs of plasterboard.

We’ll plan, manage and dispose of all your waste in the most environmentally safe way possible. Call us today.