Empire Scaffolding Ltd


Website: www.EmpireScaffolding.co.nz

Empire Scaffolding is a company based in Auckland and Christchurch with a vast knowledge and passion for the Scaffolding and Construction industry.

Empire Scaffolding was started in 2013 and specialises in the erecting, hiring and dismantling of scaffolding/edge protection on Residential, Commercial and Industrial sites, using only the industry’s highest quality products

Empire Scaffolding understands construction and knows how important each step in the build process is, not only to deliver within budget but to also keep all lines of communication open and work closely with everyone involved to deliver when you need it.

Empire Scaffolding works alongside many of the industry leading construction companies, P.M.O’s and Insurance companies.

Health and Safety: Empire Scaffolding is a company that regards Health and Safety for employees and clients as number one priority. Every site is closely managed to ensure all good practice guidelines and Health & Safety compliance standards are exceeded. Currently developing a new electronic version of onsite Health and Safety monitoring and compliance software Empire Scaffolding is continually striving for excellence.