Aquacomb® is a proven solution for stormwater detention, retention, or potable storage. Its modular pods go inside foundation slabs or underground in carparks or driveways.

Flexible for any building site, Aquacomb® saves time, space and money. After thousands of installations in Australia, the system is now established in Auckland.

Andrew Olsen of Aquacomb® says leading building and development companies and architects, are recognising it is a simple solution to Auckland’s unitary plan requirements for the detention of stormwater. Group home builders are also plumbing the system to feed greywater to toilets and for other non-potable uses.

Drainlayers and plumbers are finding it easy to install the Aquacomb® pods, which come with a 50-year guarantee. A online calculator is available to work out the required number of pods for each site. Installation can be completed in a few hours with pods being able to be lifted by hand into position.