Airbow Systems Ltd



AIRBOW®’s genesis occurred when a small group of builders in New Zealand were frustrated with the performance of their framing guns. Joining forces with talented Kiwi mechanical engineers, they set out on a path of invention and improvement. Long hours and several prototypes later, they succeeded in perfecting the next generation nail gun.

Research, design and development are at the core of AIRBOW®. We believe that it is the development of new technologies that allows us to challenge conventional design.

To create the ultimate nail gun, we trialled multiple prototypes, and fired millions of nails. The resulting product, the first in an anticipated series of AIRBOW® untethered power tools, delivers breath-taking performance and is built to last.

The AIRBOW® FRAMER has no combustion system, electronics, batteries or cords. It doesn’t require a charger, fuel cells or batteries. It’s strong, superbly balanced, quiet and resilient. Using only compressed air, it delivers serious power.