Press and online promotions from industry partners and media partners

Partnered with us are great industry associations and media partners where they support us by promoting our event to their members, subscribers and to interested individuals within the construction industry.

Electronic Expo Brochures

We frequently distribute the latest updates and details of Auckland Build in the form of electronic expo brochures; which are sent to construction professionals within the NZ construction industry almost daily.

International exposure

Our international build series which reaches to the UK, USA, Australia etc. We are able to provide our exhibitors the exposure overseas if it is of interest to expand into other countries.

Meet the Buyers VIP Luncheon session.

 A session where we invite buyers of your interest (Architects, Contractors etc.) to come and liaise with exhibitors for business opportunities. The session itself is catered for free and aims to provide a productive and relaxed environment for both exhibitors and buyers.

Comprehensive Show Guides

The Auckland Build show guide includes information such as our exhibitors, speakers, conference and workshop content, supporting partner organizations and media partners etc. That is distributed to all attendees of thousands of people throughout the event.

E-newsletters, Press Releases, Industry Updates

We regularly update and update our contacts, registered attendees, press and construction professionals via our Industry Updates, E-newsletters and Press Releases.

Social Media Promotion

Auckland Build is also very active on social media on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr etc. We love interacting with our online followers and updating them with our exciting news frequently. Follow us!