We are suppliers of a prefabricated, panelised building system.

We have partnered with a reputable, award-winning European construction company, with more than 20 years’ experience supplying the European market.

Our unique advantages are:

  • Our open and closed panel system comes fully clad, with high quality German joinery and can be erected at 100m2 per day. http://www.emh.co.nz/emh-panels
  • Our panel system can be used on virtually any bespoke design.
  • The minimum labour required to erect our buildings, up to 10m, is one LBP and 3 apprentice workers
  • Our current production capacity is approximately 100 units of 150m2 per annum, with capacity to increase production.
  • Our system exceed the NZ Building code and will be able to meet Homestar 6+ (See our website for details of our panel system www.emh.co.nz) This can be achieved at no extra cost than current construction methods and many times faster and more efficiently

Contact details:

Ric Church
Managing Director