Through a merger with three other firms, Buchan expands into a leading global design practice.

Buchan made an announcement early May that it has unified three practices in Australasia, Asia and Europe into one global company. The merger has resulted in a brand new face for the group, which includes a name shift from The Buchan Group to simply Buchan.

The company owns studios in Australia, New Zealand, China, United Arab Emirates and the UK and has long been a leader in architectural, commercial interior, and graphic design. Buchan’s history dates back to 1890 when it first started as a practice in Geelong. They now employ over 400 professionals around the world and undertake a variety of prestigious projects across different sectors.

Buchan’s non-executive chairman Frank Zipfinger claims that the merger would distinguish the company as a global design studio.

Buchan studios in Auckland and Christchurch are credited for stand-out projects such as the Horizon Mission Bay apartments, Sylvia Park Shopping Centre Expansion and the Christchurch Art Gallery.

Managing principal of New Zealand David Thornton says, “For the New Zealand studios, the coming together of the three Buchan entities represents the formalisation of what has been a long-standing collaboration that has provided our clients with excellence in design service in this country for over 40 years now.”

For both our clients and staff, the merger has provided the streamlining of our systems which now allows us a seamless integration of our design services giving New Zealand clients the opportunity to experience true global exposure through our staff collaboration with international design trends, whilst still receiving the rigor of our local expertise and confidence in delivery,” David explains.