Auckland Whale and Dolphin Safari


Auckland Whale & Dolphin Safari make it easy to experience the abundant wildlife of the beautiful Hauraki Gulf Marine Park. Our 4.5 hour nature cruise offers guaranteed marine-mammal viewing year-round, departing direct from the Viaduct Harbour in down-town Auckland.

But we offer so much more than just whale and dolphin watching.  Working closely with the Department of Conservation and local universities we successfully combine the up-close and personal viewing of whales, dolphins and sea-birds with important conservation-focused research also conducted on-board.  This allows passengers the chance to encounter, understand and above-all help protect this incredible resource of marine life.

There’s no need to travel far to have a truly world-class wildlife adventure.  With over one third of all marine-mammal species seen here the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park is one of the best places on the planet to see whales and dolphins, and it’s right on Auckland’s doorstep!