Due to a shortage of local candidates, New Zealand construction companies are currently reaching out to foreign builders to meet market demand.

Both private and public organisations are backing the new campaign, which encourages builders to immigrate to New Zealand to help support the growing industry.

The campaign is named LookSee Build and it adopts a model similar to an earlier project, which attracted over 48,000 IT overseas job seekers. Recruitment firm HainesAttract is taking the lead on overseeing the initiative.

HainesAttract Director Hamish Price explains,  “With LookSee Build NZ we are essentially trying to future-proof the construction industry for a level of infrastructure build that this country has never seen. We’ll be targeting the UK and Ireland and other selected markets for the right people to come here and live and work in New Zealand.”

With New Zealand’s public and private construction sectors joining hands, Craig West, General Manager of Downer NZ, emphasizes the pressing need to revolutionize the current talent management system.

He states, “Our construction sector is very competitive and this kind of inter-industry co-operation has never happened before but the need for staff requires us to take an all-of-industry approach.

We’ve united to solve a big problem for all of us and we’ve come to the UK because that is where some of the best global construction talent is.”

With aim to attract 20,000 construction professionals, the Look See Build NZ campaign will be working with NZ Immigration to launch a series of Kiwi experiences to appeal to foreign workers.

Aspiring candidates will be flown to New Zealand in February for interviews. They will also enjoy a special activity which ranges from a Maori cultural performance in Rotorua, bungee jumping at Queenstown to wine-tasting on Waiheke Island

According to the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment, construction-related occupations will increase by 11% between 2016 and 2022; this equates to 56,000 additional workers across the nation.